Hayfield Primary School

Loving Learning, Loving Life.

Year 5 love to work and learn and have lots of fun.


Mrs Horton

Welcome to Year 5. We are part of the Upper Junior team. The classes on our corridor work hard to ensure we are the very best we can be. This applies to both our learning and our behaviour. We learn to be more independent, resilient, and responsible.

Our class country is Canada; throughout the year we learn about the natural environment, the people, the history, the food and culture.

In English we continue to develop our reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to a much deeper level in preparation for the rigours of Year 6. In Maths we consolidate the learning we have covered previously and then deepen our understanding by applying our skills and using them to reason and problem solve. In Science we cover biology, studying living things, habitats and life-cycles; the chemistry of material properties and changes; the physics of forces and Earth and space. In Geography we learn about mountains and rivers. In History we find out about Vikings, Anglo Saxons and Ancient civilizations.

We are also passionate readers in Year 5. We have been lucky enough to receive, lots of new books for our class library. We love being the first to try a new book and share recommendations for good reads with our friends. We also subscribe to Scoop magazine and First News to keep us up to date with world events.


In autumn term we have been getting to know our class country - Canada: learning about the people and plants that live there. We have also been finding out about mountains and taking a closer look at the one on our doorstep.

In Science we looked at how forces impact our everyday lives and we will be using this knowledge to help our Design and Technology lessons next term. We also enjoyed observing some brand new kittens; recording and presenting data over their first 10 weeks in order to support our learning about life cycles.

We spent time learning about about different religions in our community and thinking about what its like to be a Muslim in Britain today - we learnt about the Five Pillars of Islam.

We were lucky enough to be joined by Miss Frew this term and everyone enjoyed her lessons; particularly all the Geography work.

Towards the end of the term every child took part in the Bikeability scheme and achieved Level 2 in road safety.

It was hard work getting back into a routine and remembering how to be independent and resilient after the long time away from school last year. We have spent time building these skills back up so that we can really become a fantastic Year 5 class.


Due to the national lock down, our spring term began with most of us learning at home. Much of our work remained as planned but some had to be changed.

English topics this term to helped us to remember the importance of simply being ourselves. In Shaun Tan’s Eric we discovered a character that is different to what was expected but still has something very special to give. In Wonder we have followed the characters, exploring friendships and the importance of the decisions we make. Finally we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the “Man Who Walked Between the Towers”. It has inspired our daily writing and we have learnt so much. Even how to walk on a tightrope!

All the hard work during remote learning really paid off in our Maths lessons. This has really helped us to pick up our Maths topics and carry on as if we have never been away. Confidence is growing beautifully amongst all our Maths learners.

As well as supporting Red Nose Day by dressing-up as an amazing range of “super heroes”, we also did a fantastic job raising money for a local charity. We volunteered to sell over 200 chicks and hoped to raise a good amount for Blythe House Hospice. The Year 5 sales team were on the playgrounds at the end of the school day and managed to sell out in a record breaking four days. We raised £333.75! We are very proud of our achievement.

Science provided us with lots of fun learning this term. We were so lucky to have a live lesson with the team from Jodrell Bank. Learning  from the real scientists who study space was a great experience. We also used the area we live in to discover the distances between the planets in our solar system. We found out that if earth was the size of a marble and the sun was in our classroom, it is a long walk to Neptune!

Of course we have also enjoyed all the other subjects: finding out more about invaders and settlers in History lessons, PE lessons with Mrs Mills and getting filthy, playing and generally trying out new things in Forest School.


This term our English writing topic has focussed on the global issue of deforestation. We looked at a poem by Prince EA: Dear Future Generations –Sorry. We analysed the poetry and looked at the techniques he uses to deliver his really important message. We read lots of information from David Attenborough’s "Our Planet". We looked at his message to “use less space”. We learnt note  taking skills and compiled a bank of information for using in our writing. Finally, we produced  illustrated written fact files to help inform others about the importance of this issue. The final products were beautiful.

We had a fabulous sports day and really enjoyed the opportunity to compete and challenge ourselves. It was lovely to be working to achieve points for our houses once again and everyone pushed themselves hard to achieve their very best. There were lots of achey legs the next day! Our involvement in National Sports week culminated in some fantastic fancy dress representing a brilliant variety of the sporting heroes who inspire us.

This term we have also had opportunity to find out more about our class country—Canada. Kinder Cooking came into school and we had a whole day cooking (and eating) food from Canada. On the 1st July it is Canada Day so we learnt about  Haida symbols and created our own. We also found out about the native American origins of the sport Lacrosse and had the opportunity to have a go ourselves, thanks to Mellor Lacrosse club.

As we reach the end of the school year and complete all our assessments, I couldn’t be more proud of the achievements this class have made over the last 12 months. They have been faced with so much disruption and have been required to be so flexible in their school routines and yet they have coped beautifully. They have continued to learn and to grow and  are definitely ready to become our next Year 6 class and, no doubt, an excellent set of role models for our school.