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Reception Class

Mrs Horne and Mrs Bennett


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Welcome to our 2023- 2024 Reception class page.

In Reception the teaching and learning is based around the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is followed in most pre-school settings. This is specifically designed to meet the needs of our youngest learners. We provide an environment that is rich and stimulating with well planned, purposeful activities designed to engage the children.

Children have a natural curiosity for learning and we encourage them to broaden their experiences through a range of practical activities. We structure and model the language for learning when the children are enjoying exploring new concepts and ideas.

The EYFS Curriculum is built upon what children know and can do. It recognises and provides for children that have different starting points and is structured into different areas of learning. Essential to these are the ways in which children learn through play, exploration, being active and creative. Many of the activities incorporate more than one area of learning and develop critical thinking as well. 

At Hayfield we place great importance on supporting the Reception children as they begin their learning journey through school. In addition to our well-resourced classroom, the children's learning opportunities and experiences are extended through the outside classroom area. We offer a range of structured and well-planned activities both inside and outside balanced between adult-led and child-initiated.

 We continuously measure the progress and success that children make towards the Early Learning Goals.  We share targets with parents every term so that children's learning can be consolidated. Achievements are reported to parents in July. The stage reached in all areas of learning for all 17 Early Learning Goals is reported. This is described as working towards or expected.

 We have been working so hard in phonics and have learnt lots of new sounds! We are able to recognise phonemes on their own and have been practising blending them to make words. We are also using the sounds we have learnt to help us write words. Children are enjoying reading at home. As well as a school reading book, our children choose a ‘library’ book from our library basket to share with their family. They love making book recommendations to their friends.

 Our youngest children enjoy being introduced in a supportive and gentle way to the subjects they will study as they move through school. We cover Science, Geography, History, Art, Design Technology, Religious Education and Music.  


Mrs Horne and Mrs Bennett