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Baby & Toddler Group

Hello and welcome to Hayfield Baby & Toddler Group

We meet on Fridays at Hayfield Primary School on Friday mornings from 9.30 – 11.30 during term time.

The sessions are run by parents and carers for their children.

We aim to welcome new parents and quickly dispel that feeling of terror that we all remember so well from the first time we forced ourselves to step through the door into the new world that comes with a new baby!

We are joined by children aged from birth to pre-schoolers and aim to provide toys and resources for different ages.

Some of our activities include:- 

Clean Baby Area - Baby Sensory Area - Role Play – Crafts - Quiet Activities – Imaginative Play Area -Music Time – Singing Time  

We have tea/coffee and biscuits for parents, juice/water and biscuits for children too.

Occasionally we have to cancel sessions. Please leave an email address and/or contact number on the sign in sheet, so we can let you know any last minute changes. You can also “like” our facebook page (www.facebook.com Hayfield Baby & Toddler Group) to keep up to date. 

Admission: £1 per child.   

The group is found in the school hall, which can be accessed through the doors at the left hand side of the school building.

If you want to know any more, please don't hesitate to contact us on hayfieldbabyandtoddler@gmail.com or 07837726869.