Hayfield Primary School

Loving Learning, Loving Life.


Our School Vision


Our pupils will be happy, healthy, caring and resilient, with a positive attitude to learning and life. The school community will be respectful, resourceful and open-minded in all that it does.  Children will be helped to develop the confidence, knowledge and skills to reach their potential and make a positive contribution to society.


Our Mission Statement


Loving Learning

Our curriculum will give every child a rich experience, based on vibrant, engaging learning, so they can build their knowledge and understanding and develop a resilient, growth mindset that encourages them to develop new skills through hard work and perseverance.


To do this, we work to:

 Give every child the building blocks to succeed

  • Our children make excellent progress across the curriculum, especially in English, Mathematics and Science, achieving the highest standards of which they are capable.


Enable every child to find where their talents lie

  • Every child will have opportunities to experience a wide range of sports, music, art and drama, and to recognise and explore their interests, passions and skills.


Take learning outside of the classroom

  • We are lucky to be situated in an incredible environment. We move learning outdoors as much as possible, helping our children to be creative, take risks, develop a ‘can do’ attitude and make links with the local community and world of work.


Loving Life

Above all, we ensure our children are happy, healthy, caring, resilient, and open to embracing the exciting opportunities that await them. We help them to:

 Understand their selves

  • By exploring and developing wellbeing and self-esteem


Embrace individuality

  • By celebrating diversity, understanding of others, and promoting equality for all


Want to be good citizens

  • By developing a strong sense of community, citizenship and good moral compass, they will lead by example


Understand the positive impact that they can have on the world around them

  • By showing care, respect and responsibility for the environment, both at local and global level