Hayfield Primary School

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School Improvement Priorities


We are very much focusing on our 'Catch-up' curriculum this academic year.  However, this does feed into the main school improvement priorities and the two strands are intrinsically linked. 

Our 3 key aims this year are:

  1. With the commitment and drive of the subject leaders for English, continue to develop the reading and vocabulary culture across the school, generating a continued growth in love of reading. Leading to improvements in reading outcomes, with a particular focus on early reading and lower ability readers (bottom 20%). 

  2. Strive to further improve the leadership roles and accountability of all subject leaders to maintain and develop the successes of teaching and learning of foundation subjects as well as core areas, ensuring knowledge and skills build year on year.  Ensure that part of the drive is to improve mental health and wellbeing within certain, key subject areas such as PE.
  3. To continue to develop and refine an effective, shared whole school approach to writing, creating enriching experiences for children. To impact on progress and attainment of all including SEN and pupil premium.

More detail can be found here.