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Year 6 Class - Peru

Mrs Holmes

Year 6 draws together all of the many threads of learning woven through the children’s path from Reception to this, their final year in primary school. We pull on all of that prior learning to solve problems, discuss issues and begin to evaluate the world around us. Exciting Geography topics about Peru and environmental sustainability bring the wider world to our doorstep, demanding that we think deeply about our responsibility for its future. History lessons help us to see the role of our country in the past – both positive and negative – through a study of Crime and Punishment throughout the ages and a broader look at the slave trade as part of our study of the kingdom of Benin in Africa. English and Science topics are interwoven, allowing us to dive headfirst through our arteries as we journey with our blood cells through the circulatory system, or to create our own weird and wonderful creatures adapted to their environment.  Great literature and a joy in the use of language underpin our English work, particularly through the choice of whole class reading – from the curious tale of Coraline to the horrors of Barnabus and his imperfect friends in ‘The Barnabus Project’. We are passionate readers in Year 6, and particularly enjoy a juicy horror story (age appropriate of course!) Our maths work is grounded in problem-solving (developing our ability to reason) and supported by regular fluency work.
Mrs Holmes, Mrs Brooks and our lovely Year 6 will welcome you warmly. Come and pay us a visit!


What are we learning in Year 6?

 You will find a copy of our medium term plan under Curriculum on this website.

Our topics this year are:

Autumn- What is amazing about Peru? How have Crime and Punishment changed?

Spring- What have we learned from Benin? How are we Super Human?

Summer- How can Year 6 save our planet?

We link our English to our topic as much as possible, so as an example, when we learn about Peru, we use 'The Greak Kapok Tree'. We write letters to the Peruvian government to protest against deforestation and we write warning tales to encourage people to look after the rainforest. In Maths, we use White Rose to begin our planning, which is then adapted to the specific needs of our class. We run a weekly multiplication challenge for our Year 6 pupils, who love trying to complete their 5 questions without a single mistake!

Chimp Management

This year we have been lucky enough to welcome Kim and Tim in from Chimp Management, who have coached Year 6 in this new way of thinking. We've learned about the two sides of our brains- the 'human' and the 'chimp' side, or the red and the blue side. We've learned about our hidden 'chimps' and how we all have helpful and unhelpful thoughts which we need to make decisions about. Chimp Management has helped us to understand ourselves more, and work on being the very best versions of ourselves. 

Year 6 Bike Project

This year, Year 6 have taken part in a very exciting Bike Project, alongside our very own Coach Zoey. They have taken old and broken bikes and parts, learned about how to repair and upcycle them, and turned them into new bikes for our community. Have a look at this newspaper article for more information: https://www.buxtonadvertiser.co.uk/education/hayfield-primary-school-sets-up-bike-refurbishment-service-3191300

Year 6 Residential

Every year, Year 6 take part in a 3 day residential to Whitehall in the Peak District. After some nail biting changes, we managed to go this July! Have a look at the photos to see what an amazing time was shared by all. 

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