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The ARTs


We have passion for giving all children opportunities to shine, whatever their strengths.  The arts supports this and gives a varied and exciting approach to teaching the curriculum. There are four key arguments for delivering arts in primary schools: cognitive development; overcoming inequalities; building confidence; and social cohesion. Creative subjects support children to express themselves, develop self-confidence, and experience culture on an equal footing.  As a school we embrace this and have completed the journey to become an Arts Mark Silver accredited school.  


We have also used the arts for our linking project with a multicultural school, Prospect Vale Primary in Heald Green, Stockport.  This has supported the children in making strong friendships with children, many of whom come from different cultures.  We will continue to develop this strong link, allowing children of all ages in our school to participate.


Children from a wide variety of classes worked with a local artist to produce a stunning, welcoming piece of art in our main entrance based on a local landmark, '20 trees'.  The children learnt many new and exciting techniques that they could then share with their peers and become 'experts' in their classrooms.  They now have clear 'ownership' to the main entrance of our school.  They talk about their contribution with real pride!

We have also worked with Artis Group thanks to PTA financial support (https://www.artisfoundation.org.uk/).  They have worked with every class in school to develop 4 key areas; Promoting wellbeing; tackling social and emotional issues; supporting the growth of the arts in school with adults and children; developing resilience.  The children absolutely love the sessions and thrive on these new and exciting challenges.

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