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About The PTA

Who is part of the PTA

The formal part of the PTA is made up of four elected roles: Chair (currently Emma Parkinson), Vice-Chair (currently Caroline Hewitt), Secretary (currently Liz Land) and Treasurer (currently Laura Oliver). Head teacher Mr Papadopoulos has a representational role as President of the PTA, which is useful if the PTA needs an independent representative at an event or meeting. The school is usually represented at PTA meetings by a member of the teaching staff.  


We have year group representatives (Reception -  Emma Rogerson, Y1 - Jo Richards, Y2 - Lisa Cook, Y3 - Bev Rhodes, Y4 - Sarah Lowe, Y5 - Catherine Shaw, Y6 - Judith Morgan) who are kept up to date on PTA issues. If you don't know any of the main PTA members, you can always talk to your class representative, and they will put you in touch with the PTA, or pass on your comments.  

The work of the PTA is governed by a constitution (Hayfield_PTA_Constitution 2022.pdf) which is used to guide our activities throughout the year. We also have a financial management policy to guide how the funds we raise are administered.

The PTA has a data management policy to ensure it is in line with GDPR legislation. 

How to get involved in the PTA

All parents and carers are automatically part of the PTA, but we understand that not everyone has spare time to actively participate in what the PTA does on an ongoing basis. PTA meetings are usually held at a PTA member's home, as we are all parents and often do not have childcare that allows us to meet elsewhere. PTA meetings and events can be found in the school calendar.

We have a number of ways that parents and carers can get involved:

  • Be a ‘Year Group Representative’ to be the voice of the year group, participating in the half-termly PTA meetings if  you can.
  • Be part of the virtual PTA Sounding Board, where you can give your thoughts on notes/information about our ideas.
  • Be part of the PTA Network, which is made up of people who can provide practical assitance periodically, or help us find the things we need.

Parents can support the PTA by getting involved in any of the events, giving as much or as little time as they can.

Many employers offer matched funding for their staff with children at school - find out more here and help us get more funds and resources for school