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Thank you from our visiting story teller

20 May 2019 (by admin)


Dear Mrs Barnard,  

I've been meaning to write to thank you for such an enjoyable day last term. The staff were unusually welcoming and friendly (I've lost count of the number of schools I've visited where the person who booked me didn't introduce themselves and I didn't even get offered a cup of tea) and the children were delightful: engaged, enthusiastic, friendly and happy.

I mentioned how nice the school was to your head who asked me to put something in writing so please tell him yours is a very special school. It's busy and buzzing with happy children who seem genuinely to want to learn, which is a tribute to all staff and parents. (The parents who came to the book signing were charming as well!) I hope the rest of the year goes well and that the roadworks are done swiftly and efficiently!

John Harris