Swallow House Lane, Hayfield, High Peak SK22 2HB
Telephone/Fax: 01663 742357 E.mail: office@hayfield.derbyshire.sch.uk
Hi Everyone
A very busy first week back, with two new children starting—welcome Sienna in Y3 and Rossi
in Year 5; a work experience student in Year 6 (thank you for being super, Beccy Cantrill);
many teachers out on teaching and learning training courses; Adam Ormrod from Lend Me
Your Literacy in to teach a dynamic writing lesson to Year 3; lots of meetings, lots of music,
lots of sports and our sports captains—Sophie Robb, Harry Wyatt, Jojo Mills and Alicia
Peacock - this afternoon attending the Change4Life Conference, where they will learn all
about being sports leaders and many other sporty things—lucky children; this wasn’t open to
ALL schools!
Just a polite request: Can I remind parents to follow protocol when they have a query
regarding their child? Please ask to see the class teacher first, and then make an appointment
to see me if you still have concerns. I would like to remind everyone that we expect all adults
will remain polite and respectful at all times. My staff work incredibly hard, long hours and
give up a lot of their own time for the benefit of the children. Thank you.
Birthday Books!
‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone ’ by J. K. Rowling,
from Madeleine Hayles in Year 4
‘My First Book of the Solar System’ by Collins, from Ethan Oliver in Year 1
Thank you, children for these wonderful additions to your class libraries!
Cycling & Scooting to School
Please cycle/scoot to the
crossing lady and then push your
bike/scooter along the path to the
bike shed. NO CYCLING OR
GROUNDS! Thank you.
Missing Uniform
Please check that the school
uniform you have belongs to your
child. We have a child in
Reception missing a pair of grey
trousers and a pair of shoes.
Thank you.
Sally Wilson LTCL BAHons PPRNCM
01663 742149
Dear Parents
I have now started teaching the piano in school on Tuesday mornings, and we have
managed to find a time which suits the children’s timetable. It occurs to me that
some of you may be unsure whether your child would enjoy learning the piano, which
is understandable with a new instrument, and so I would like to offer a free
Introductory session for those who may be thinking of it but are still unsure. This
would be a 10 or 15 minute session, again on a Tuesday morning. If anyone would
like to make use of that in order to give their child a taste of what lessons would
be like, then please contact school, or myself at the above address, and we’ll
arrange it as soon as possible.
Many thanks.
HELP! We are in danger of losing our School Crossing Patrol!
Derbyshire County Council have launched a school crossing patrol consultation. Please
log on and have your say on their proposals at www.derbyshire.gov.uk/schoolcrossings
The consultation ends on 21st April so please make sure you let DCC have your views
by then. They will analyse the results before a report goes to the Council’s Cabinet.