Our Home-School Agreement
We believe it is crucial that teachers and parents work together to provide the
best learning experiences for their children so that each one of them can
reach their potential.
The Education Triangle
Pupil-Parent-Teacher Partnership
Parent Teacher
Every year, we ask parents, teachers and children to sign our home-school
agreement. This document links to our school mission statement and is
approved annually by governors.
learning power
and success!
Home-School Agreement 2015-16
The School’s Agreement
We promise to do our best to:
provide a happy and safe learning environment, where all children can
achieve their full potential
personalise our teaching to meet the differing needs of children, providing
support and challenge, as appropriate, and maintaining high expectations
teach children the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to succeed
through a relevant, enriched and engaging curriculum
care for the children’s health, safety and well-being
encourage children to work and play co-operatively, and treat each other
and their environment with care and respect
foster independence, responsibility, self-discipline and good behaviour at
all times
keep parents & carers informed of their child’s progress and discuss any
provide clear information to parents & carers through the school website,
meetings, newsletters and written reports
be open and welcoming, enabling parents & carers to ask questions,
discuss their child’s progress, express views and be involved in the life of
the school.
The Parents’/Carers’ Agreement
I will do my best to:
ensure my child attends school regularly, on time, appropriately dressed
and with the right equipment
inform the school by 9.15am if my child is absent, giving the reason for
absence and confirming the reason in writing on return to school
request leave of absence in advance and in line with our Attendance Policy
provide an appropriate environment for homework, listen regularly to my
child read and share texts with him/her on a regular basis
support the school’s behaviour policy and promote positive behaviour in
school at all times
attend parent consultation meetings, as requested
inform the school of any concerns I have about my child’s progress, health
or happiness, and about changes in home circumstances
ensure my child starts the day with a good breakfast, since this helps
children to concentrate, and support school’s policy on Food in School
recognise my child’s teachers as professionals and and speak to them with
encourage my child to become independent, work hard and treat everyone
with care and respect.
Pupil’s Agreement
I will do my best to:
come to school every day, on time, ready to learn, and have the right
equipment with me
wear school uniform and sensible shoes
work hard and do the best I can
do my homework and return it to school on time
tell my teacher or another adult if anything is worrying me
behave well and follow the school rules:
Always show good manners
Be kind and caring towards others
Care for our school inside and out
Do as I am asked first time