Year 6 Class - Sarah-Jayne Kenyon

Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 classroom. This year is the culmination of seven years of hard work and learning fun. We build on the independence and maturity developed in Year 5 to prepare our children for their transition to secondary school.

We develop our skills and knowledge across the curriculum by focusing on several different topics throughout the year as well as English and Maths. In Science we find out how to see round corners, how to classify living things, why it is so important to look after our hearts, how traffic lights work and how to design an effective parachute. We discover more about the Tudors and learn how to use a map and compass to navigate in Geography. 

We love taking responsibility in Year 6 and try to be involved in lots of whole school events. These include running the Harvest Festival, setting up a stall at the Christmas fair, organising the Reception class’ sports day and finishing our time at Primary school with the annual Year 5/6 production.

To find out more or just to enjoy the learning buzz and atmosphere please pop in and see us.

Autumn Term Letter 2017

Dear Parents,

It’s been lovely to see everybody after the long break and hear all about the fun they have had over summer. I have enjoyed watching your children grow as they have moved through primary school and I am looking forward to helping them progress in Year 6 and get ready for the next step in their educational journey. I am very keen to ensure that the children understand the expectations for both their learning and behaviour now that they have reached Year 6; everyone has signed a class contract that reflects the increased responsibility, independence and hard work required.

Teaching arrangements this year are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning, Thursday, Friday – Mrs Horton

Wednesday afternoon – Preparation, Planning and Assessment cover

(this will be provided by different staff, leading different activities throughout the year)


Fiction: Science Fiction / Fantasy

Non-Fiction: Non-chronological reports / Instructions

Poetry: Benjamin Zephaniah / Classic Poetry

Electricity Investigation

We had been learning more about conductors and insulators. We discovered that graphite is a non-metal conductor. We wondered if the type of pencil changes how the electricity is conducted. We tested HB, 2B 4B, 2H, 4H and 6H pencils.

Our results varied, suggesting the need for further testing but we all agreed that not all pencils can conduct electricity.

Apple Juicing

As we reach the end of October it is time to harvest the last of our school orchard apples. Today Mr Moss and Mrs Hanney brought in an apple juicer and we were able to have a go. We enjoyed drinking the fruits of our labours. It was absolutely delicious.


Apple Day

Year 6 have been busy thinking about apples in preparation for Apple Day (Saturday 15th October). First we made pompom apples. Then we harvested apples from the trees in school. We carefully studied them, sketched them and then ate them! After that we researched famous apples; Adam and Eve, Snow White, William Tell, Isaac Newton, the Big Apple. Finally we presented all our work in a wall of apples. The children are proud of what they've done. Why not pop in and have a look while you visit Hayfield's Apple Day?

An Artist Visits

We were lucky enough to have a real artist come in and work with us this week. James Horton shared examples of his work and helped us to create some of our own. Our study of insects links in with a "top secret" mission we have been working on this term for Professor Walter Lotterbugs. Our English , Maths, Science and Geography have all been important in the work we have been doing.

Kinder Choir Concert

Children from Years 5 and 6 did themselves, their teachers and the whole school proud last Saturday at the Kinder Choir Concert at the Pavilion in Buxton.  They sang beautifully, behaved impeccably and looked very smart in their navy jumpers!  A special thank you to Mrs Horton and Mrs Goddard, who gave up their day to support the children throughout the day.  A big well done to all.

Kinder Choir