Year 5 Class - Sarah-Jayne Kenyon

Year 5 Living History Day

To end the half term, we had an Anglo-Saxon Living History day. The children looked fantastic as you can see in the photograph.

During the morning, the class each had the opportunity to make an Anglo-Saxon brooch and to have a go at rune writing and calligraphy.

In the afternoon, the children wrote riddles as well as having a go at archery. Many thanks to everyone who made this a really great learning experience especially Mrs Williams, Mrs Conway and Mrs Hayles who gave up their time to support us,


Year 5 visit to Religious Buldings in Manchester

Year 5 Trip to Manchester

Part of Year 5's RE topic this term is to compare religious buildings found in Hayfield to those found in a town or city.

So on Thursday 14th April Year 5 went on an fantastic trip to Manchester. We saw lots of religious buildings including a Hindu Temple and Sikh Gurdwara and visited a New Testament Church of God, a Mosque and a Jewish Museum.


Central Manchester Mosque

The children were amazed by the beautiful chandelier lighting up the mosque.


The Jewish Museum

The children loved dressing up, listening to a story and learning about Jewish traditions


Year 5 Class Letter

20th April 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

                                      Welcome to your last term! We hope you all had an enjoyable break and are suitably rested. As before, in our letter we will outline the main topics being covered this term.


Literacy: We are going to complete our unit on Report writing with Ms Grove focusing on the use of front loaded adverbials and intensifying adjectives. After that, we are going to do several independent tasks so that the children can showcase all the skills they have learnt this year. Mrs Goddard is going to revise all the spelling, grammar and punctuation rules. The quality of the children’s writing has really improved over the course of the year – Well done Year 5 and keep up the good work!


Maths:  Mrs Goddard will work on geometry and money. Ms Grove will be continuing her work on fractions before looking at data handling. Please continue keep helping your child to learn their times tables if they have not completed their times tables challenge- it will greatly help your child next year. Just to remind you ‘squeeble’ is a great resource that will work on any tablet or PC 


Year 5 Easter Egg Hunt

Last day of term. Year 5 having fun hunting for Easter Eggs. (Let's hope there's enough for everybody!)

Well at least two people have found one.

You've got to be yolking - everybody's found one.

What a crackingly, eggcellent egg hunt.

Apologies for the bad yolks - Year 5 have written this report!


Happy Easter

It’s the end to another fantastic term in Year 5. We can’t believe how quickly it has gone. Well they do say ‘time flies when you’re having fun!’ However along with the fun, there has been a lot of hard work and excellent learning and progress from the children. They are a great class and deserve a big well done. We look forward to more of the same next term. Have a lovely holiday.

A visit from another world!

Year 5 have been having a fantastic week learning about space. They have found out lots of information about planets in our solar system and also about 'newly discovered' planets!

Oran, an alien from the planet Naro paid a visit to the Year 5 classroom. He left a note and some 'rocks' from his planet.

We had a great time making our own 'rock' buns and filling them with delicious ingredients.


Rocket Fun

In Science week, Year 5 had a fantastic morning launching water rockets. They had previously planned the activity as a fair test as well as having designed and made their rockets. In the afternoon, they then showed their results in a scatter graph as well as completing their investigation booklets. A big thank you our fantastic caretaker John for making the launch pad and to Mrs C Brooks who had the unenviable task of ensuring that the rockets actually worked!


David Attenborough

Recently, Year 5 wrote letters to David Attenborough as part of their Science topic on ‘Living Things'. We were absolutely delighted to receive this week both a signed message and even more unexpectedly a lovely handwritten reply. In his letter, he answered some of the children’s questions such as ‘Did he enjoy his role as Director of BBC2?’ and ‘Which piece of work was he most proud?’ The children will use his answers to write a report in their next English topic.