School lunches and healthy snacks

Healthy School Lunches

Derbyshire County Council provides a daily lunch service in our school, which is available to all children. The meals are cooked in our school kitchen by Derbyshire County Council catering staff, all of who are trained in food hygiene and provide a caring, high standard of service to the children.  Since September 2014, under the government’s Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) scheme, all Early Years and KS1 children are entitled to a free school meal.

The menus are carefully planned by a team of experienced people who consider the season, the popularity of dishes, the quality, the workload and the cost. An important part of the menu planning is to ensure that the nutritional content meets one third of the recommended daily requirement for children, and all the menus are analysed by a community dietician before they are sent to schools.  Each lunch consists of two courses with a choice of main course, including a vegetarian option; vegetables or salad; potatoes or pasta; and a pudding or a choice of fresh fruit. In addition, children may choose either a glass of water or hi-juice squash.  Extra water is always available.

A lighter option based on sandwiches, and salad or vegetables, plus a pudding and a drink is also available each day. Special diets will be catered for but we do ask for a medical referral from either the dietician or GP.

A menu of school lunches is sent out to parents each term and the weekly menu is always displayed on the kitchen window and is available on both ours and the Derbyshire County Council website.   If your child would like to have school meals on certain days this can be arranged with the school office. 

Spring/Summer Menu 2017/18 Lunch Menu

The current cost (at the time of print) of a school lunch for junior-aged children is £2.00 per day, i.e. £10.00 per week, which should be paid in advance weekly on a Monday morning (or termly if you prefer). Money should be sent in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, class and the amount enclosed written clearly on the envelope and should be given to the class teacher. If you wish to pay in advance each term or half term please make cheques payable to ‘Derbyshire County Council’.

Important notice: If, because of your financial circumstances, you feel your child is entitled to free school lunches - EVEN IF YOUR CHILD IS UNDER THE AGE OF 7 AND THEREFORE ALREADY IN RECEIPT OF UIFSM - please let us know. It is a very simple process! If entitled, it is very important that you claim, since this brings a lot of extra money into school (‘Pupil Premium’, currently worth £1,300 per child) for your child’s education.  Such requests are treated in confidence and our system of collecting lunch money does not make public who has free school meals and who pays.

Healthy Snacks

Fruit or vegetables are provided free of charge on a daily basis to children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Older children may bring healthy snacks from home to eat at break time and their name should be clearly written on them.  At school we define healthy snacks as fruit and vegetables - anything that has grown above or below the ground without being processed!

This year, we hope to re-establish a Junior Tuck Shop, which will be run by a group of enterprising junior children. The tuck shop will sell a range of fruit at a reasonable price.  Dried fruits such as raisins, apricots and pineapple will also be available, along with bread sticks.  

We ask that all children bring a labelled water bottle to school with them each day and we encourage them to take regular drinks throughout the day.  They can refill their bottle from the tap during the day as necessary.

Health Awareness

In addition to promoting healthy snacks and healthy lunches (please see our Food in Schools Policy) we aim to promote an awareness of healthy lifestyles through the development of a vegetable garden in the school grounds; the provision of a ‘trim trail’ in one of the playgrounds; an increasing range of extra-curricular physical activity clubs in which to join; lunchtime games organised by our Play Leaders; full involvement in local school sports partnership events; and by our curriculum provision on healthy lifestyles.