Reception Class - Beryl Horne

Welcome to Reception Class!

September 18

A HUGE welcome to Reception Class. Thank you for choosing to send your child to Hayfield Primary. As always it is an exciting time of year getting to know your children and yourselves. We will meet soon to share about your child together. 

The early part of this term is all about spending time with your children, observing what interests them and doing snippets of assessments to check their knowledge of number and letters. Having said that, I have a long list of what your children have learned already – it’s no wonder we are all rather tired! Here are just a few things: learn which class group they are in, taking their coats off and learning where their coat pegs are, unpacking their book bags and learning where to store them, learning to sit in a big group on the carpet, remembering where their carpet place is, drinking their milk from a bottle, going to lunch and choosing their food, carrying their tray to their table. There are many more things which seem small to us but are HUGE things for your little ones. Many of these they will have done at nursery/pre-school. However in class there are many more children with two grown-ups to help them. They are already becoming more independent and enjoying new responsibilities. We are very proud of them. 

A New Note from Mrs Horne

Summer Term

8th June 2017

Dear Parents / Carers

I hope you have enjoyed a lovely half term holiday with your children. They seemed to have grown not only physically but also in confidence and in readiness to learn and rise to learning challenges. I certainly have had a fabulous week back with them. We have had long and busy days together. It was lovely to have Jack’s mum come and read to the children at the end of the day. If any of you would like to come and share a book you enjoy with your child, please do let us know when you are free to do so.

This term we will have the pleasure of welcoming our new Reception children into class just like we did with yours a whole year ago now. Where did that time go? I’m sure your children will make them welcome. They will be joining us for the next 3 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. The following Tuesday, which will be the first Tuesday in July, we will be walking around the wells dressings in Hayfield. If any of you want to join us, you would be very welcome.

Sketching in Bluebell Wood

We definitely 'made hay while the sun shone' this week. Monday afternoon saw us power walking to Bluebell Wood. The children carried their own water bottles and Little Red Riding Hood aka Mrs Insley carried our art supplies in her basket. After a brief demonstration in the classroom on how to observe the bluebells carefully and how to use oil pastels, the children focussed very well on their task and produced some wonderful sketches.

Enjoy the photographs below of our latest adventure...




Reception Summer Term Information

As always our Reception classroom is a very busy place. We love the buzz of busy children leading their play-based learning. This term we are including ‘Growing’ in our learning experiences. This will include: digging and planting; sharing The Very Hungry Caterpillar book; visiting our school pond to observe the changes there – especially with the frog spawn; look at how we grow – measure their heights and arm length (Asking the question: Does the tallest person have the longest arms?); healthy eating and exercise.


Mrs Bennett and I have discussed with the children about the next steps they need to take in their learning. It was great to observe them thinking it through and sharing their own thoughts. I would value being able to share these with you so do come and make an appointment as it is much better to share with your personally rather than through a letter home.


We will be having another cinema ‘evening’ when we will watch ‘Despicable Me 2’. I do not think you will be at all surprised that the children are rather excited about this!


I am wanting to plan some more adventures.  This time I would like to take the children off-site making use of the Sustainable Hayfield minibuses. More about this as I have some definite dates.


Reception News


It's been a busy time in Reception as usual. Children are leaning about SPACE, which is very topical with Tim Peake having done his first and Britain's first space walk. It was great to be able to watch some of this together with the whole school in the hall. This has led to some wonderful writing - authors writing fact books at 4 and 5 years old is exciting.

To have had a little snow has made our WINTER topic more engaging. We talked last week about the type of clothes we wear in this chilly season. Why don't you go for a walk to spot holly trees? We have been studying these and noticing how prickly they are.

Each Wednesday this term, we are going to go on an ADVENTURE WALK. The children enjoyed trudging through the mud and splashing in the puddles last week. Thankfully they had their wellingtons on!

It has been good to catch up with lots of you about your child's progress and their next steps. Do remember to make an appointment.

Hopefully we shall soon move back into our classroom. The installation of new toilets is going well. This afternoon they have levelled the floors. If any of you have any time to help me flick a duster round before we can get back into our room. Come and let me know. We can do the dreaded thing and put DVD on to occupy the children while we work. I will bake a cake!


Posting our Christmas Cards

What a lovely outing we had this morning! We had the great excitement of meeting ‘the jolly local postman’ on Swallow House Lane. The children very carefully carried their pot with stamp money in it and their card as well as holding their partner’s hand. How’s that for multi-tasking? They enjoyed buying their stamps and walking back to the post box on Swallow House Lane. It’s a good job Mrs Bennett is strong as she helped some of the children reach the slot to post their cards in!

Thanks to many of you for sending in £1 for the Christmas party food. If we have any money left from buying food, we will put it in the fund for Busyangwa Primary School. This is in Uganda and our school has links with the school through Mrs Barnard.

Edward VII wall mounted post box, Withies Lane