Health Awareness

Medicines in School

It is the policy of Derbyshire County Council not to allow medicines in school. If your child needs any medication then arrangements should be made for them to receive this at home, or parents are welcome to come into school to administer medicines to their child themselves.  However, under certain circumstances, we will administer medicines but this has to be agreed with the Headteacher and a consent form completed by the parent.

Inhalers, nebulisers and insulin fall outside these regulations.  If these are required, then we ask that they are stored in a safe place in school.  They need to be labelled with the child’s name and a signed, written statement of procedures has to be followed indicating frequency and level of dosage.

Accidents or Illness

In cases where your child has become ill or has an accident, you will be contacted as soon as possible but if neither you, nor your suggested contact c

an be reached, medical advice will be sought if we feel it to be necessary.  The health and safety of our children is of paramount importance to us.

All of our teachers, teaching assistants and midday supervisors have up-to-date emergency first aid training, and we have two paediatric first aiders in the school.

We have a rota to ensure that there are first aid trained staff on duty at playtimes to attend minor accidents, cuts and bruises.  Parents will always be informed if injuries are more serious or a child has sustained a head injury.  All head injuries, however minor, are reported to parents as soon as contact can be made. In emergencies, in line with school policy, we will always call an ambulance or make sure that the child gets to hospital.

The majority of staff have recently been trained in CPR and we now have a defibrillator in the school, which most adults have been trained to use in emergencies.

All staff are trained to deal with emergencies in relation to medical conditions or severe allergies such as diabetes, epilepsy, nut allergies, and all children with such conditions and/or allergies are made known to all staff to ensure their safety in school.

Health Checks 

The Health Authority provides a number of free advisory medical services that are delivered in school on a regular basis and you will be notified in advance about any visits from a Doctor, Dentist or the School Nurse.

Eyesight, hearing checks and weight and height are conducted at regular intervals in different year groups and should there be any cause for concern you will be notified as soon as possible. Your written permission is required before your child can be examined.  If we feel it necessary to get advice from a specialist such as a Speech & Language Therapist we would discuss this with you and seek your permission.