Absence from School

It is crucially important that your child does not miss school, and arrives on time every day, ready to learn. All absences in term-time, other than for sickness, will not be authorised, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Our policy can be viewed on our website and is in line with statutory regulations and those adopted by all schools in the local area.  To request authorisation for absence, a form must be completed and these are available from the School Office. A prescribed process is followed using a points system, a copy of which is attached to this booklet and further details are available on request. Any absences that do not fall within the set criteria are recorded as unauthorised.

In the interest of your child’s education, please do not book holidays in term-time. This does have an adverse effect on your child’s progress and such lost education cannot be recovered or made up by homework.  Should you choose to take your child out of school for the purposes of a holiday, governors may issue a penalty.

Please note:

-       Teachers do not provide holiday homework

-       The Head Teacher may authorise absences only in extenuating circumstances

If your child is unable to attend school, please advise the school by telephone by 9.15am, and on the child’s return to school, please send a note confirming the reason for absence. 

All absences, both authorised and unauthorised, are reported to our Local Authority and to parents in their child’s end of year report.  The percentage of overall absences last year in our school was 3.7%, which is well below national average.