Welcome to Year 5



We are Upper Juniors now and have high expectations in all we do. This includes in our behaviour, organisation and of course, in our learning. We don’t expect this to happen overnight, but we do have one thing to ask and that is ALWAYS TRY YOUR BEST! We are learning to work increasingly independently and are starting to more regularly think for ourselves, applying our learning and making wise decisions about how we do things.

Many of us are now independent readers but it is really important that we carry on reading regularly to help build up our vocabulary. Sometimes we can read a word but might not fully understand its definition unless we are questioned about what we read. It is sometimes useful to read aloud to practise our public speaking skills.

Our maths lessons are becoming more challenging as we apply our previous learning to new contexts and problems. It is really imporatnt that we have an instant recall of all our multiplication facts upto 12x12. The more you can practise at home with this, the better you will be. Sometimes it’s a case of practise, practise, practise! Hopefully our 2 minute challenges will help you in this quest. It will then make your life so much easier when you apply these skills in long multiplication and when using the bus stop method in division.

Our topics this year are varied including ‘How do things move?’, ‘How do rivers begin and end?,’ ‘How did Anglo-Saxon life compare with the Romans?’ and ‘Why is the Bible important?’ to name but a few. We aim for our topics to be as interesting and exciting as possible as well as provide us with opportunities to address all areas of the curriculum, but, in particular, Enterprise, Science, Geography and History.

Enterprise in Year Five is hugely important and during the year we use these skills in numerous mini projects. This can range from creating a lever to support our forces topic; to designing, making, selling and evaluating a Christmas decoration for the Christmas Fair.

We always have an open door policy and are always happy to see you, no matter how small your question or query might be.