School Parliament

Hayfield School Parliament 2015-16

 Hayfield School Council, Eco Committee and Enterprise Committee have evolved into a School Parliament.

The School Parliament meets once every half term. These meetings may include: reporting back from High Peak Kids Council and class meetings; discussing Eco initiatives or school improvements perhaps related to the environment, behaviour etc; organising sports events and ideas for fundraising events. The Enterprise Committee will meet on a regular basis to share ideas and plan and organise events.

Members of the School Parliament will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as: what to spend fundraised money on; planning new playground activities/ equipment etc.

Being a school parliamentarian is a really responsible job and as Hayfield Primary School Parliament is evolving to be a very effective one, it does mean that every child learns a lot from taking part.

Here is the group of pupils who have been elected by their peers this year to represent the views of all pupils and improve their school. From this parliament a ‘cabinet’ has been elected, which is organised as follows: 

School Minister:  Katy Allison

School Deputy Minister:  Amy Williams







House Minister


JoJo Mills

 Sports/Eco Minister

Alice Blundell

 Enterprise Minister

Megan Creed

 Pupil Minister

Harry Wyatt

 Sports/Eco Minister

Sports Captain

Calum Ramsay

Harry Paton

Amelia Aldridge

Annie Conway





Daniel Driver

Jessica Howard

Sam Barlow

Kenneth Ashton

Summer Greaves

Jake Walsh

Emily Horton

Evie Smith

Oisin Atkinson

Evora Cross

Alice Mills

Owen Bennett

Daniel Keeley

Isobel Morgan

Indigo Walsh