Eco School

We are an Eco School and – following a huge amount of time, hard work and commitment - last year achieved the Eco Schools Green Flag Award.  Sustainability is now an integral part of school life at Hayfield, and our Eco-Committee ensure that, through our curriculum, we continue to address environmental themes, ranging from litter and waste to healthy living and biodiversity. The Green Flag flies proudly outside our school but it won’t stay there without our continued dedication to being ‘green’!

In what way is our school a ‘green’ school?

  • Every year we take part in the Switch Off Fortnight Campaign, switching off and saving energy.
  • We hold ‘green days’ throughout the year, where children - wearing green - work outside, reduce energy use and engage with the great outdoors.
  • We take part in Sustainable Hayfield’s Annual Apple Day and Energy Fair - running stalls, exhibiting work, selling baked apple dishes or organising tours around our fantastic grounds.
  • Raise money for charities through holding jumble sales, selling goods made from reusable products, baking and selling cakes and a host of other enterprising ventures planned, organised and run by the children themselves.
  • We have links with a school in Uganda.  We have sent over paper, pens, games, clothes, football boots and – through our links with Hayfield Football Club – a team football kit!
  • Our curriculum is eco-rich, with teachers identifying opportunities for eco work through all subject areas, such as learning about saving water, recycling, sustainability, conservation, endangered animals, reducing carbon footprint, global warming, renewable energy, biodiversity etc.
  • We have bird boxes and webcams; wild flowers to attract bees and butterflies; a bug hotel and a vegetable garden.
  • One of our four curriculum drivers is about the environment: Our children will have a good understanding of sustainability and environmental issues affecting our world; and show care, respect and responsibility for the environment, both at a local and global level.